Tac Quick Secret Menu



Kai Tod 8.50

Deep fried marinated half chicken with Thai special sauce

Neua Dad Deaw 6.50

Thai beef jerky

Moo Ping 5.75

Thai style grilled marinated pork with our spicy homemade sauce

Sai Krog Isaan 6.50

Isaan style fermented pork and rice sausage

Nam Nuang 10.00

Soft spring roll skin, fresh garlic, a mixture of fresh leafy vegetables and pork balls served with authentic hot plum sauce


Tod Mun Pla 6.50

Deep fried chili paste and ground fish with crushed peanut, cucumber and sweet & sour sauce



Som Tum Thai 7.00

Papaya salad with dried shrimp and peanut

Som Tum Poo 8.00

Papaya salad with salted crab

Som Tum Poo Ma 9.00

Papaya salad with blue crab

Neau Nam Tok 7.50

Moo Nam Tok Pork Salad 7.50

Yum Hed Hoo Noo  “Mouse Ear” salad  10.00



Kuay Teaw Pet 8.50

Egg noodles with duck

Kuay Teaw Reua 8.50

“Boat noodle." Brisket, beef balls, pork skins, Chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, and thin rice vermicelli in a spicy/sweet/pungent "soup"

Kuay Teaw Tom Yum Muu Sab 8.50

Rice noodle with ground pork, BBQ pork, fried wonton with spicy and sour soup

Kuay Teaw Yen Ta Fo 8.50

Steamed flat noodle, shrimp, squid, fish ball, fried tofu, wonton, bean sprout and On Choy in spicy tomato broth

Kha Nom Jeen Nam Ya 8.50

Thin rice noodle, fish bal in ground fish sauce

Lad Nar “Empire” 8.50

Stir fried Chinese broccoli and ginger with gravy sauce served over wide rice noodle

Suki 8.00

Steamed glass noodle with combination of meat, vegetable in spicy red chili broth

Pad Thai Kung Sod Haw Khai 10.50

Glass noodle and shrimp !“Pad thai!” folded into an omelet

Kuay Teaw Kleua Kai 7.95

Stir fried wide rice noodle with chicken, onion and leaf lettuce served with Sriracha sauce



Pa Lo 7.00

Star arise braise with tofu, pork and hard boiled egg

Khao Mun Kai 8.50

“Hainan” chicken

Kao Khaa Moo 8.95

Red braised pork hock

Khao Moo Dang 8.95

Chinese sausage and BBQ pork loin over rice with hardboiled egg garnish

Khao Klug Ka Pi 9.50

Shrimp paste rice with various mix-ins

Kao Tom Pla / Koong 8.75

Rice soup with catfish or Shrimp, Chinese celery, onion and ginger

Pad Nam Prik Paow 8.50

Roasted chili paste with choice of meat

Kra Tiam Prik Thai 8.50

Garlic and pepper with choice of meat

Pad Pong Kari Talay 11.00

Karee curry with shrimp and squid, jalapeño and onion in coconut milk

Kra Prao Kha Moo 9.50

Stir fried red braised pork hock with basil leaf

Kra Prao Moo Krob 9.50

Stir fried crispy pork with basil leaf

Yum Woon Sen Talay 10.50

Glass noodle, shrimp, squid with fresh lime juice, peanut, garlic, onion, green leaf, cilantro and Thai hot Chili

Koong Chae Nam Pa 9.00

Raw shrimp with garlic, Thai chili and lime juice

Yum Kra Por Pla 10.50

Fish maw salad

Tom Sab 9.50

Hot & spicy soup with pork or beef  (seafood add $4)

Pad Ped Pla Duk 10.95

Hot stir fried crispy catfish